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⁣Mike Zambidis built a long and lustreous career out of having the courage of a lion and the power of a silver back gorilla! His 87 knockouts during his kickboxing career will go down as one of the greatest KO stats EVER! Mike Zambidis... ProStyl or just...NoStyl? VOTE!

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Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic was a high head kick master! The crazy part was his opponents KNEW he was looking for that left-legged kick but they couldn't stop it! Watch these insane HIGH-HEAD KICK KO's! Was Cro Cop ProStyl or was he just...NoStyl? VOTE!

Derrick Love
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Chingiz Allazov is hands-down, the best STRICKER in ONE Championship. Keep an eye on this Fighter! Is he ProStyl or is he just...NoStyl? VOTE!

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Peter Aerts had to fight the legendary 6'11, 256 lb. Semmy Schilt in this semi-final match back in 2010! Check out how this ended! Is Peter Aerts Prostyl or is he just ...NoStyl?